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Dokkan battle tips

Cheats For Dragon Ball Z Battle Dokkan

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dragon ball z dokkan battle cheats tips

Dragon Ball Z Battle Dokkan is one of the most popular games Dragon Ball for Android here is how you can make a few tricks!

Dragon Ball is a series that most of us know and love, is the work of Akira Toriyama and owned by Bandai Namco. The publisher (Bandai) has seen fit to create an official mobile game of the famous brand of his possession, and thus was born Dragonball Z Battle Dokkan .

The game is you get a mixture of genres, including the puzzle game present in the battles, the card game of choice of the team and part RPG enhanced when the same and used objects. As for the technical side we are facing one of the titles that make use of 2D in a more convincing way ..

Dragonball Z Battle Dokkan is free and available on Android in the Google Play Store, with the inevitable purchases in the app outline. You can download it from the following link:

The game features two currencies, a base – the gil- and premium – the dragon stones.

The tricks

Now for the tricks . The trick suggest that unfortunately does not give any of the game’s currency. The trick  is only compatible with Android  , and   is based on an apk game mod, created from the 2.8.4 version that is the last that you can find on the Play Store.

This mod allows you to have the God mode (you will be so invincible) and have massive attack (your attacks will do much more damage).

The trick did not need the root , then you have no reason at all to worry about your warranty.


Before installation remember to remove any other version of Dragonball Z dokkan battle hack apk from your device. At this point you can get downloaded the apk and install it (if you do not know how, read the guide below).